Help us to inspire children and youth to create change! 

The GO Project is a ministry of Islington United Church in Toronto, Ontario. GO works with children and youth to be engaged in their communities and to be an inspiration in the world. Our programs run across the country and engages with over 500 children, youth and young adults each summer. 

Our youth programs run for 8 to 11 days within the summer, our children's programs run for 5 days and throughout the winter we run weekend programs and retreats. On these programs our participants volunteer in their communities, engaging in mission and service to get to know their communities deeper. Throughout the programs participants discern what their gifts and skills are, where the gaps are in their own communities, and how they can create change. Each participant leaves with an action plan to be engaged more fully and deeper within their community. 

We would greatly appreciate your help in making this important work happen! 


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